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    The Great and Terrible Day of the Lord

    The Great and Terrible Day of the Lord

    For their first romantic get-away as a couple, Gabby and Michael take a trip to a remote, upscale cabin in the mountains. The first night takes a terrifying turn when Michael slips into an alternate persona that claims to be God, speaking through Michael's body. He delivers the message that Gabby will die before the end of the trip and is destined for Hell--unless she will believe what Michael says is true, repent, and worship him. Is Michael a manipulative psychopath, intent on gas-lighting her? Is he mentally ill? Or could the impossible really be happening-a direct experience with her creator, offering one last life-line out of an unthinkable eternity?Plot summaryAdd synopsisTaglines

    Released: 2020

    Genre: Drama, Horror, Thriller

    Country: United States

    Director: Jared Jay Mason, Clark Runciman

    Producer: Dog & Pony Pictures

    Duration: 121 min

    Quality: HD